Budget Bucket

Chapter 15. The Budget Bucket


We operate with integrity and are accountable for best practices in our financial management. We mentor our team members so they understand the financial implications of our programs. We monitor our progress monthly.


WORKSHEET #15.1:  Monthly Financial Reports Cover Page. When you change board treasurers, don't change your standard reports format.  Download this one-page table of contents cover sheet (Word document) for your monthly financial reports.

REVIEW: Check out the accreditation requirements, financial best practices, books and resources from ECFA  (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability).

DISCUSS: Read Chapter 15 and discuss cash flow. "Pumpkin farmers understand cash flow."

ORDER: Does your board have written investment policies? Order this excellent resource from Amazon (published by BoardSource) below: Who's Minding the Money? An Investment Guide for Nonprofit Board Members, by Robert P. Fry, Jr.

READ: Order these books for your finance team and board finance committees.

For a complete list of books from this bucket, visit the Book Bucket and download List #1 (with books reviewed through Dec. 31, 2018).