People Bucket

Chapter 7. The People Bucket


We celebrate the God-designed uniqueness of our team members, our customers, our donors, and our volunteers. We are diligent about understanding the four social styles—Analyticals, Drivers, Amiables and Expressives—and helping our people find their comfort zones as they grow in their interpersonal versatility skills.


WORKSHEET #7.1: Do's and Don'ts for the Four Social Styles. Download this worksheet (PDF) and learn how to communicate creatively with your boss, your direct reports, your colleagues, your spouse, your children and your friends!

WORKSHEET #7.2: General Overview of the Four Social Styles. Download this reminder sheet (PDF) so you'll also know your own social style and comfort zone and you'll help others feel comfortable.  Keep this sheet handy and review it before every 1:1 meeting with your boss (or board chair) or your direct reports.

ASSIGNMENT: Identify the social styles of the 10 most important people in your life.

Note: In December 2010, the TRACOM Group released a study from Colorado State University asserting that TRACOM’S SOCIAL STYLE is the “most effective interpersonal skills training program,” achieving higher ratings that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DiSC. Click here for the "Social Style Tip-of-the-Day."

READ: Order one or more of these helpful books on the four social styles.

For a complete list of books from this bucket, visit the Book Bucket and download List #1 (with books reviewed through Dec. 31, 2018).