Printing Bucket

Chapter 19. The Printing Bucket


We elevate the power of the written and spoken word and leverage our communication tools to create synergy and alignment between our mission, BHAG, strategic plans and programs. We believe proofreading and style matters!

RESOURCES IN THE PRINTING BUCKET (aka "The Communication Bucket")

BUCKET BOTTOM LINE: “I learned to write to burn the fuzz off my thinking,” commented Fred Smith in his pithy book, Breakfast With Fred.  Use print deadlines to burn the fuzz off your organization’s blue sky plans that otherwise would rarely be committed to the printed page (or the website).

WORKSHEET #19.1: "Printing Purchase Order." Here's a best practice used by many organizations for providing detailed instructions to the printer.  It includes a sign-off section for the job's point person and others who need to proof the piece, or OK it.  Murphy's Law:
                "Proofreading occurs best after publication!"
 The PPO form helps you avoid that problem. Download this Word document and customize for your own use.

WORKSHEET #19.2: "Mailing Piece Instructions."  Here's another best practice.  It lists all the details for the mailing house (or your staff or volunteers). "Ooooops! No one told me to insert the remittance device. Why? Was this a fundraising letter?"  Download this Word document and customize for your own use.

READ: Here are some of the valuable books and resources mentioned in Chapter 19.

For a complete list of books from this bucket, visit the Book Bucket and download List #1 (with books reviewed through Dec. 31, 2018).