The Bites


The Sound Bites: Take an Audio Dip Into Mastering the Management Buckets!

5 Hot Questions for
John Pearson!

Listen to these 60-second radio spots produced by Westar Media Group, for "Today's Light" radio program, sponsored by Regal Books

#1. The Customer Bucket
Question: "Everyone says the customer is king, but isn't the issue about which customers?"
Click to hear John's answer.

#2. The Drucker Bucket
Question: "There is so much to know about leadership and management. What if my boss finds out how much I really don't know?" Click to hear John's answer.

#3. The Strategy Bucket
Question: "If your company is cutting back and facing challenging times in this economy, how do the great leaders and managers keep their best people?" Click to hear John's answer.

#4. The Team Bucket
Question: "Gallup says that less than 30 percent of the workforce actually leverage their strengths at work every day. What's the solution to this amazing disconnect?" Click to hear John's answer.

#5. The People Bucket
"What about people who struggle with conflict in the office and with customers? Do you have any advice?" Click to hear John's answer.

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